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Birthdate:Feb 10
Location:Ohio, United States of America
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a film by kirk, alex p. keaton, apple, art, back to the future, backpacks, bain winslow, batman, beans and cream, being alive, bono, books, brave saint saturn, buying some stuff, buying things i don't need, cameras, capslock everything, capslock fridays, caribou coffee, cdmc, cedar point, cedarville, cedarville university, cemeteries, cesar millan, cheap airplane tickets, cheney duvall, chipotle, christian bale, clever lyrics, coach z's rap song, coffee, denver, diet pepsi, dog whisperer, drawing stupid stuff, drinking coffee, family ties, five iron frenzy, flip flops, funny medieval pictures, general shenanigans, gilmore girls, god, good grammar, guitar hero, half price books, harry potter, harveyharveyharvey dent, heathus, hey dude, history, hope, house m.d., house md, ibook, indiana jones, intelligence, internet, ipod, jeni's ice cream, jimmy eat world, joker, justin mcroberts, legend of zelda, leif enger, libraries, lj icons, love, lulz, macbook pro, madeleine l'engle, makeup, mariokart, microcenter, money, moulin rouge, musicals, my dog, my honda civic, newsies, nikon, nikon d40, nintendo, oceans, office supply stores, old textbooks, palm trees, people i forget., permanent markers, photobooth, photography, photoshop, puppies, reading, reading books, road trips, roller coasters, rory gilmore, school, shoes, silly stories, sims 2, singing in my car, sobe, somuchfun!, spiderman, spirit day, squishy face photobooth pictures, star wars, starbucks, strawberry limeade, strong bad, sunglasses, synonyms, taking pictures, talking rapidly, tdk, television, the 1980s, the cheat, the dark knight, the gemini, the internet, the mall, the office, things that alphabetize themselves, u2, walt disney world, why so serious, wii, witty banter

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